Wednesday, 23 May 2007


It has been interesting writing on the topic of politics in SL. The AvaStar is a tabloid newspaper covering all types of happenings, from style and fashion to how the Linden Lab is doing, to events and business and all else that is of concern to residents. As such, there's room to discuss the issue of politicians swarming on SL in the same way major brands have. In Issue 19 and 21, I wrote about the topic of the French general election, as well as touching on other countries, namely the US, realising the potential for RL campaigns. On a eurocentric level, the French are generally more interested in politics than, say, the British, but the last week and a half have seen the real comedy antics coming from the grid's Spanish residents. People purporting to represent both sides of the political spectrum have been running across the grid making each other's lives hard, griefing and causing all types of 'terrorist' activities, as the Partido Popular was quick to say.

Isn't this all a bit daft? SL residents are not all so thick as to think that their virtual world is not being used by politicians of all sides to further RL ambitions - the point is that it sells RL newspapers (the RL press in Spain have been quite interested), has a quick media impact (although this is cancelled out by the fact the opposition party gets its name in too) but looks, well, pretty damn 'tonto' as the Spanish might say. If only fire breathing dragons were to engulf RL political offices, now that might be worthy of the name terrorism. As it stands, supporters of both major Spanish political parties, as well as smaller ones, have managed to get 'huevo' all their faces. You look great guys, really. Now do something constructive.

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