Friday, 30 March 2007

Be Careful What You Wear!

Ok, so I'm still a relative newbie in this thing. Alright, granted, a total newbie. Two weeks is not long in a new place. And so, I naturally still make mistakes.

I had an idea for a feature, a hard-hitting piece of investigative journalism - what else? It was necessary for me to do some research for this piece - c'est claire. To do this, I TP'd to a few places, and ended up at a small shop, or rather information centre. This place specialised in a particular political viewpoint - marxism-leninism, in fact.

I like wearing stupid clothes in SL. I don't mean stupid as in the masses of bling, poncy sunglasses and skimpy shirts that pervade the muscle-blessed men present in SL. Because you certainly could argue that this is pretty stupid. Yes, I would be scared to wear that stuff in RL, but not as I don't have the confidence. No, I'd look like a dick. But I would love to wear dumb-arse outfits in RL - if only to make people think twice, to consider other people's viewpoints, to get out of their mental boxes. That's one of the reasons I like SL, and there are a few people like me. But there could certainly be more.

Anyway, the marxist info centre. There was some free stuff on offer. I stocked up my inventory. And when I looked in it, I couldn't resist. I found it pretty damn amusing to wear a red-army guard's uniform and a ghostbuster's T-shirt, a Fez hat, a Kalashnikov on my back and a bazooka by my side. Proper funny. Is that not a refreshing look in these sensitive times? I wasn't planning on blowing anything up, that wasn't the point. We all played dress up as little kids, did we not?

But it seems people don't like certain looks. Ninety per cent of people in the real(developed) world go for a uniform plasticity, we know that. Yet plenty of people claim that SL is free - free in the sense that you can wear what you like without fear of hassle. Or rather, without the hassle of hassle. Someone tell that to the pretty clones in SL. They're everywhere.

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